Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct sets the standard of behaviour that Navantia wishes to observe in all its business activities. It is a written reflection of the Company’s commitment to its principles and values.

The Code of Conduct is a major step forward in the process of improving the Company’s corporate management, and it is an ideal tool for enabling us, the people who make up Navantia, and the third parties who associate with the Company, to easily check Navantia’s senior management’s leadership and commitment to company ethics.

The Code of Conduct is aimed not only at the people and institutions that are its direct receivers (the receivers), but also at those who have to be, or could eventually be, familiar with it (the knowers).

Firstly, all those who provide services at Navantia as directors, managers or workers are receivers of the Code of Conduct, because it is they who must adapt their behaviour to the standards established therein.

Furthermore, other receivers of the Code of Conduct are the representatives, governors, agents and mediators who act in the interest of or on behalf of Navantia.

The main knowers of the Code of Conduct are the clients, suppliers, advisors and all the other people or institutions that associate with Navantia for professional or business reasons.


Compliance Management System

Navantia has prepared a model to organise, prevent, manage and control corruption and to deal with the commission of criminal offences, and has likewise compiled the procedures and controls currently implemented to effectively prevent and mitigate these risks.

Navantia has for that purpose prepared a Compliance Manual, which contains a detailed analysis of the risks of all the offences/crimes that could theoretically be committed in Navantia’s different areas, taking into account, on the one hand, the policies and controls already implemented, and on the other hand, the degree of exposure to the offences/crimes detected in the specific processes, depending on the sector and the activities in which Navantia is involved.

The purpose of this Manual, and the rest of the procedures and policies implemented, is intended to guarantee (i) the effective ethical culture and compliance culture within the Company, and also (ii) to minimise the risk of illegal behaviour of all those who provide services at Navantia in the capacity of directors, managers and workers, as well as the representatives, governors, agents and mediators who act in the interest of or on behalf of the company.

Compliance Committee

It is the autonomous initiative and control body that has been entrusted by the Board of Directors to carry out the task of promoting and liaising the implementation, supervision and control of the Compliance Management System and its ongoing improvement.

It is composed of the Board and Compliance Secretariat Manager, who is the Chairperson, and the Managers of Human Resources (HR), Legal Advice (LA Director), Finance (F Director) and Technology & Digital Transformation (TDT Director).

The Compliance Committee, as the controlling body, has a direct line to Navantia’s Board of Directors, to whom it reports its main activities in an ordinary way.


Transparency is a permanent policy, and Navantia complies with Law 19/2013, of 9 December 2013, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, the purpose of which is to expand and strengthen the transparency of public activity as a mechanism to facilitate control of public action.

Navantia promotes active transparency and fulfils its obligations by regularly and promptly publishing relevant information to ensure the transparency of its activities, making them known to citizens.



Transparency International positively assesses Navantia’s active advertising and places it at level “C” in the latest Defence Companies Index on Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency Defense (DCI), published in February 2021, which evaluates the levels of public commitment to anti-corruption and transparency in the corporate policies and procedures of 134 of the world’s largest defence companies.

With regard to the right of access to public information, Navantia has made available to citizens, through the Transparency Portal, the possibility of exercising this right, within the limits established in law.


  • Adress:

Navantia, S.A.  S.M.E. (Ley de Transparencia)
Calle Velázquez 132
28006  Madrid (Spain)

Whistleblowing channel

Navantia has a whistleblowing channel available so that whistleblowers can inform, confidentially, about allegedly unlawful conduct or breaches of the Code of Conduct. Any inadmissible events or irregularities against Navantia’s interests can also be reported.

Navantia has enabled the following channels in order to receive such whistleblowing reports:

Navantia, S.A., S.M.E. Compliance Division
Calle Velázquez 132
28006 (Madrid)

Application on Navantia’s Intranet (employees only)

All whistleblowing reported via these channels will be analysed and assessed by the Compliance Directorate Confidentiality is guaranteed and, where relevant, so is the anonymity of the whistleblower, as well as his/her indemnity when he/she acts in good faith.

Moreover, the investigations into the activities reported will be carried out assuming the accused’s presumption of innocence and other procedural guarantees.

Compliance Channel

Navantia has an “open doors” channel, which enables not only Navantia’s workers but also third parties associated with our company (clients, suppliers, etc.), to have a means for expressing their doubts, concerns and, all in all, and for collaborating in the creation of an atmosphere where good practices prevail.

These queries are dealt with directly by the Compliance Directorate