Success stories

Currently, Navantia is a worldwide reference, both for its products and for its technology and systems. Since the 80s, they gave the technological leap and went from being a design importer to export their products and designs to some of the most advanced countries in the world, bringing up many success stories. These successful projects resulted from talent, teamwork and enthusiasm of today´s and yesterday´s workers who together with our partners, suppliers and customers, have become a reality.

Success stories

S-80 submarine

The S-81, which will be named ‘Isaac Peral’, is the first submarine designed and built in Spain

Navantia around the world: Sidney

César Sola, Responsible for maintenance and IPMS of Amphibious Portaeronaves in Australia speaks from Sidney where Navantia has its operations centre for the support of the life cycle to the ships delivered to the Australian Navy

Rota, maintenance of the destroyers

Navantia is successfully developing since 2013 the maintenance contract for four US Navy destroyers at the Naval Base of Rota, which are part of the so-called missile shield. Having gained the trust of a reference army such as the American, is a sign of Navantia´s training and prestige.

Navantia has achieved to become one of the main suppliers for the Royal Australian Navy

Navantia's workers in Australia and a Commodore of the Royal Australian Navy explain on this video the success story of the AWD program.

The alliance with Lockheed Martin

20 years of partnership with Lockheed Martin, thanks to which the unprecedented integration of the AEGIS combat system has been achieved in Navantia´s platforms for national and export programs.

Navantia around the world: Bergen

Norway and Spain are connected by the F310 frigates program. The responsible person for Navantia in Norway tells us this story from Bergen where it is the home base of the F310 frigates.