A bet on the future

Navantia’s transformation passes through the improvement of its tools and processes of the whole value chain and through the renovation of its production sites, fully including them in a new Digital Ecosystem: The Shipyard 5.0. This change into “Smart Factories” is carried out focusing on four field of action:

The 14 key technologies

Navantia contemplates 14 Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), regardless of whether new emerging technologies can be incorporated in the future.

Internal reference groups have been formed around these technologies, in order to expand knowledge and support used case applications generating positive business impacts. In addition there are two cross-cutting technologies (cybersecurity and digital platform) that comprise Navantia’s 14 KETS.

Internet of Things

Modeling and Simulation

Big Data y Analytics

Autonomous vehicles


Inteligencia Artificial

New Materials

3D Printing


Virtual and Augmented Reality





Initiatives 4.0

Innovation Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (ICAMT)

Navantia maintains a close collaboration with the IDEA Agency, University of Cádiz, Airbus and the Maritime Naval Cluster of Cádiz within the Innovation Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (ICAMT).

The ICAMT will be a physical space for the development of innovation and technology for rapid transfer towards production environments allowing synergies and collaboration between the partnering companies and agencies in an Industry 4.0 surrounding.

Optimal industrial processes and means to new materials

Anticorrosion, graphene Ballistic protection, thermal and acoustic insulation ...

Manufacturing parts technologies and joining techniques

Additive Manufacturing
Welding, adhesives

Development of technologies for assemblies

Artificial Vision
Modeling and Simulation of processes VR, AR

Flexible manufacturing

Traceability, flexible Robotics Sensorized process monitoring

Intelligent Plant

Artificial intelligence Improvement of environmental impact, energy efficiency

Accelerated transition of prototypes to the market

Technological demos, Rapid Prototyping of Systems, Drones

Mixed Investigation Unit (MIU)

Since 2015, Navantia Works hand in hand with the University of La Coruña for the Mixed Investigation Unit (MIU) “Shipyard of the future”.

The activities of the MIU support modernization projects in the shipyard of Ferrol with the goal of giving this production center the technological boost that will place it in the 21st century.





Process Optimization-Process M & S (offshore wind)
-Robotics and automation
-Project "closing tube "
-Statistical process control
Disruptive Technologies (F110) -"Wireless" project
-Self-reconfigurable systems
-Project "Adhesives”
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)-Info. in plant and augmented reality
-SIGI. Industrial Internet of Things
Cybersecurity-Cybersecurity project
Autonomous vehicles-UAV Project

Cartagena 4.0

Several actions related to the Shipyard 4.0 project are being developed at the Shipyard of the Cartagena dock.

Materials 4.0Jointly with Polytechnic University of Cartagena launched the MABSORB II projects, absorbent materials and acoustic insulators, and SUPERSUB, superstructures in composites
Modeling 4.0Within the SIMUPRO project, together with the AIMEN center, models are developed to simulate welding processes that predict deformations in panels due to heat effects
Engineering 4.0In collaboration with the School of Naval Engineering of Madrid, through the Romero Landa Chair, numerical models are developed in different areas of knowledge
Simulation 4.0Navantia develops the NAVANTIS family of integrated training systems, which allows to learn to operate a equipment, interacting with a virtualization with no need of real equipment