Information for contractors

NAVANTIA will as a result publish via this State Procurement Platform all tenders which it arranges and which it is legally required to publicise, along with the results thereof and any other data and information deemed relevant in connection with the contracts arranged and any other useful information of a general nature, such as contact details and available channels for communication with the Procurement Bodies of NAVANTIA.

It is likewise announced that this website includes a link to the NAVANTIA Contractor Portal located within the said State Procurement Platform.

NAVANTIA, within its objective of continuous improvement, complying with the Management systems in which its certified and its pursuit of excellence in processes, products and services provides externally; communicates that all NAVANTIA’s suppliers must be subject to a control of their performance.

This process will be required to be done throughout Performance Evaluation surveys, as well as the Supplier Review Committees, where such performance will take place.