Global solutions adapted to every client

Navantia accompanies the client throughout the whole product life cycle, offering at all times customized solutions based on individuall client needs. The wide range of additional services offered by Navantia (design / ToT, construction, development and integration of systems, repair and life cycle support) enables and expands the industry-client relationships, establishing long-lasting global solutions.

Navantia can be proud of having, in addition to the proven engineering design, the capacity to integrate all kinds of equipment and systems for all types of ships and non-naval units and the characteristics for the facilities and personnel in the shipyards of Ferrol, Cádiz and Cartagena. Navantia also has the capacity to achieve for each of their clients, the best possible global solution tailored to their specific requirements and particularities.

Engineering, construction and deliveryExtensive experience and capacity in the production process of all vessel types.
Technology Transfer ProgramsSuccessful transfer in different scenarios, working with partners in the destination countries to guarantee success.
System IntegrationExperience as builders and developers. Collaboration with reputed suppliers guarantees the integration.
Flexibility and adaptationExtensive experience in adapting the proposals to the client needs, pursuing total customer satisfaction.