Electronic procurement

Navantia, within its organizational transformation, has made a significant modernization of Procurement processes for obtaining the benefits of using the Internet.

Web based Electronic procurement facilitates and improve the procurement process and also assures the fulfilment of the principles of advertising, concurrency, transparency, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination. E-Procurement also allows traceability throughout the procurement process.

Navantia going to purchasing into new web based technologies have chosen Ariba, an SAP company as a provider of e-Procurement platform (http://es.ariba.com/).

Therefore ARIBA software tool has been set up. The features that have been implemented to operate through the Internet are:

  • E-Sourcing: Starting of procedure, Bids and Awards
  • Contracts: Management of contract clauses
  • Catalogs: Ordering through catalogues the materials and services included in Framework Agreements
  • E-Procurement: Electronic transmission between Navantia and Supplier of orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • Assessment and supplier performance

Navantia and Ariba will work with your company so you can use the Ariba Network: to receive the offer requests, make offers and receive orders, and sent delivery notes, and invoices electronically.

Advantages of using  ARIBA:

  • Improves collaboration between Navantia and its Suppliers: saving time, improving the quality of information, providing data in electronic format and allowing the review and traceability by all involved parties.
  • Improves the communication between the provider in a more effective and quicker way.
  • Facilitates the exchange of orders, delivery notes and invoices electronically between Navantia and its Providers with the following aims:
    • Improve process efficiency
    • Increases operational efficiency
    • Reduce costs and risks of supply
    • Create value for suppliers
    • Increases relationship satisfaction among its suppliers and Navantia
    • Eliminates time barriers