Navantia is a state-owned company (SEPI Group), which designs and builds ships with a high technological content for the Spanish Navy and other navies. We integrate systems and provide life cycle support, repairs, modernization, and technology transfer (ToT) services in 20 countries. We are a highly export-oriented company.

Our activity focuses on three areas: Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs, Systems and Services and Green Energy, where we are an international benchmark in offshore wind energy.

Digital transformation and sustainability are our future axes: With more than 300 years of history, Navantia is today a company that develops cutting-edge technology (digital twin, 5G, Internet of Things, eco-efficient design, hydrogen technologies) and has a tractor effect on the entire value chain, innovating and creating highly qualified employment and growth.

We are a strategic company for the defence of Spain with high-tech projects such as the F-110 frigate and the S-80 submarine. We maintain and service the ships of the Spanish Navy.

We are implementing a digital transformation and have undertaken a cultural evolution and a rejuvenation of the workforce.

We promote R&D&I and have four University Chairs: José Romero Landa (Madrid Polytechnic), Isaac Peral (Cartagena Polytechnic), José Patiño Rosales (Cádiz), Cosme Álvarez de los Ríos (A Coruña). In addition, there is a Joint Research Unit (UMI) with the University of A Coruña.

We promote the image of Spain abroad: Subsidiaries in Australia and Saudi Arabia and offices in several countries (Norway, Brazil, Turkey, India). 68% of our revenues come from exports.

We are committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We are committed to sustainability in all our activity. Our shipyards are moving towards the circular economy and the goal of zero waste.

  • Strategic company
  • We promote the image of Spain
  • We encourage R&D&I
  • Digital transformation
  • We are sustainable
  • Committed to the Agenda 2030



Direct jobs generated plus auxiliary industry


Direct, indirect, and induced jobs generated


Jobs created for every direct Navantia employment


Direct contribution to GDP


Permanent contracts in Navantia


GDP per direct euro and auxiliary industry

20,8 hours

in training per employee


total contribution to national GDP


GDP per euro of turnover of Navantia


own engineers and graduates


invested in R+D+i



Jobs created in A Coruña


Jobs created in Murcia


Jobs created in Cádiz

13.8 %

of industrial GVA in A Coruña

6.8 %

of industrial GVA in Murcia

23.9 %

of industrial GVA in Cádiz