The driving force behind growth

The S-80 programme for the Spanish Navy had an impact on the Spain’s economy of approximately 210 million euros per year in its GDP during the construction period of and around 5,000 jobs per year (direct, auxiliary, indirect and induced). The sustainment and Life Cycle Support of these submarines have additional impacts.

On the other hand, the positive effects on the country’s technological and industrial development must be taken into account, especially in companies and sectors with high added value, economic drag capacity and resilience.

This programme is a driver of significant quality employment and accounts for 6,1% of industrial employment in the Region of Murcia. It generates 2,000 jobs per year approximately (direct and auxiliary).

For the development of this programme, Navantia also has an ecosystem of collaborating Spanish companies, such as Gamesa, Fluidmecánica, Gabadi, SAES and especially Abengoa-Innovación, which has developed the bioethanol processor for the AIP. In the systems area, Abance, Soologic, Arisnova, GTD, Altran, Airtificial and others are participating in different specialization niches.

In the Spanish participation, Indra also stands out as a supplier of key components (radar, countermeasures system and the IFF) and for its contribution to the tactical and platform simulators, and Sainsel as a supplier of the combat system’s multifunction consoles.

Navantia also promotes practical and qualified training among students with initiatives such as the “Isaac Peral-Navantia Chair of Submarine Technologies”, created in 2016 with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT).

The S-80 is a product prepared for export, adapting to the requirements of each client and to the participation demands of the local industry in each country, as Navantia has already done for the Indian offer.