Opening to new markets

With the aim of expanding sectors and as a possible line of business in times of saturation of other markets, Navantia evolves its catalog of products to other sectors that, although not forming part of the main core of its catalog, have similarities with some of the products or services that are already consolidated.

Oil & Gas Modules

The experience in the construction of FPSOs has facilitated the construction of large "topsides" for marine electrical substations, such as the one installed in the Wikinger park (Baltic Sea) and the East Anglia One park (North Sea), both commissioned by Iberdrola .

Floating Docks

Navantia has built floating docks in the past, in some specific cases, for civil clients such as DRACE or Ferrovial-Agroman. At present, it is prepared to provide the customer with this type of products or other auxiliary structures specific to this industry.


Navantia's background as a shipbuilder makes him a great place to participate in projects such as large structures for aquaculture. The facilities of Navantia, with its dykes, bleachers and cranes make possible the construction of these large structures

Eólica y diques flotantes

Floating dock in Cartagena Shipyard

Hammerfest platform

Exit of the dike in Astillero Fene

Launching of the dike in Fene

Launching of the dike at the Fene Shipyard