A strategic priority

Navantia understands technological innovation as its principle driver of growth and development. The skills of identifying, developing and implementing new trends with agility, increases the competitiveness of our products and allows the expansion towards new business models.

Applying this innovative skill from end to end within the value chain, thrives the development of new differentiated products and services which are adaptable to our clients’ needs and requirements, improving the efficiency and quality of our internal processes and optimizing value creation within our company.

Navantia’s innovation model, based on technological knowledge, is open and collaborative. It includes a transition process of technologies to incorporate the results of R&D to new programs, minimizing the risks associated with different levels of technological maturity.

Our R&D projects are oriented towards efficient solutions, technologically advanced and adapted to current regulations to cover the current and future needs of the naval market. In particular, the projects aim to develop and meet the demands of the smart digital ship of the future.

The evolution of Navantia’s skills and products is a true reflection of the investment and commitment of Spain for innovation, with the collaboration of the different ministries, industries and educational entities, in our case the confidence of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the SEPI shareholders.

The design and integration system, that is 100% Navantia creation, one step ahead in the sovereignty of national defense. Only the most advanced countries in the world are capable of developing a technological project of this magnitude and being able to offer this knowledge to our clients in technology transfer programs.

Innovation oriented

Enhancing existing products and services

Improving the efficiency of internal processes

Investing in new technologies

Open Innovation Ecosystems

Navantia has created a collaborative ecosystem in which external resources (e.g. universities, research centers, etc.) are incorporated to Navantia’s innovation program and contribute to obtain cutting edge technology. This philosophy translates into different collaboration initiatives between the various stakeholders.

Navantia is supported by universities, technological centers and research centers to invest its R&D activities, providing their basic techno-scientific knowledge to be applied in our industry by a process of technology transfer agreements.

Our faculty research network in the different regions where our company is present is as follows:

Navantia actively participates in committees and working groups with other Spanish industries via the TEDAE association and with the Ministry of Defense via DGAM/PLATIN.

On a European level, Navantia is an industrial member of the ASD association (Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe). Furthermore, within the SeaEurope, Navantia is an active member in which the SEA military naval shipyards group has recently been reactivated to include the peculiarities and specific interests of our sector and join efforts towards participation in the European Defense Action Plan (EDAP).

Additionally, we are participating in the R&D Naval System of the European Defense Agency with CapTech Naval System, as well as other collaborations with universities and technology centers at a n international level, mainly in countries where Navantia carries out its activity.