Commitment to Quality

The top management of Navantia considers that Quality must be an integrated element in all actions of business management. For this, it promotes the issuance, implementation and maintenance of the Quality, Prevention of Labor Risks and Environment Policies, compatible with the context and the strategic direction of the organization. This policy is reviewed annually and, when exceptionally required, in the review by the management of the SGC. It is published in the communication systems of Navantia

For the application of these Quality Policies, Navantia establishes, documents, implements, evaluates and maintains a “Quality Management System (QMS)”, which allows it to continuously improve its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards 9001: 2015 and PECAL 2110, as well as ensuring the client’s requirements, the legal and / or applicable regulations, in order to increase their satisfaction.

Periodic analyzes are carried out within the context in which it is acted, as well as from the interested parties with which it is related. As a result of these analyzes, senior management establishes the lines of activity of the company and determines the scope of the quality management system.

The quality management system is applied to program management, design, development, manufacturing, construction, repair, transformation, installation and life cycle support of products from the naval and industrial sector:

  • Naval building
  • Industrial equipment
  • Systems, including Development of Logical Support (software)

Scheme of Quality System Certification:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • PECAL 2110 / 2210/2310 (in the Systems Business Units and Cartagena Shipyard)
  • EN 9100: 2016 (in the Systems Business Units and Cartagena Shipyard)

Commitment to the Environment

For Navantia, respect and commitment to the environment and sustainable development are a priority. Establishing alternative measures that respect the environment and contribute to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity is integrated into the company’s own identity.

Achieving these goals implies the application of the best available technologies, resources and procedures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact derived from our activities, meeting the objectives set in the framework of its environmental policy.

Navantia integrates environmental management in the development of its activities and services, through an “Environmental Management System”, implemented, developed and certified according to specifications UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 by accredited external entity

In the Navantia Health and Safety Central Committees, met quarterly, the Environmental Behavior Indicators and the Environmental Management Indicators are exposed, monitoring them, in order to provide comparative information with reference to environmental performance criteria established by the Address.

Annually, this Environmental Management System is audited externally through follow-up or recertification audits. On March 23, 2012, Navantia – Bahía de Cádiz obtained the Distinctive Environmental Quality of the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía, recognizing the adoption by the company of measures to minimize its environmental impact. Navantia thus becomes the first company with more than one workplace that receives this certification provided for in Law 7/2007, of July 9, on Integrated Management of Environmental Quality. Distinctive that has been renewed in the year 2017.