Exporting to Australia

In 2012 the Australia´s Commonwealth asked Navantia for information on the capabilities of the Cantabria CSS and its commonality with the other Navantia vessels integrated within the Australian Navy.

Months later, the Spanish Navy and the Australian Navy signed an agreement for the deployment of the Cantabria in Australia from February to November 2013. This deployment allowed them to evaluate the vessel capabilities (58 supply maneuvers) and the training of the crew (284 people), in addition to checking the vessel interoperability with other units of the fleet.

The impact of this operation was immediate. After a feasibility phase for risk reduction, in 2015 Australia called for an offer from Navantia and another builder. Navantia was selected as preferred constructor and the contract was awarded in May 2016.

The contract scope includes the construction of 2 vessels and life cycle support during the first 5 years.

On November 22, 2017, the keel laying of the first AOR was held at the Navantia shipyard in Ferrol.


History and delivery of the CSS Cantabria

CSS Cantabria "A-15" Spanish Armada

Navantia has designed and built a Combat Supply Ship (CSS) for the Spanish Navy, designed on the basis of the previous vessel of these characteristics, the "Patiño", but with a double hull, in accordance with international regulations.

CSS 'Cantabria' (A-15) in action

Operations of the supply ship for combat (CSS) 'Cantabria' during its integration in Operation "Active Endeavor" of NATO.

CSS Cantabria: The one year history of deployment in Australia

The combat supply vessel (CSS) 'Cantabria' arrived in Ferrol on December 21, 2013, after spending a year deployed in Australia, where it has been integrated with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN, in its acronym in English). In total, the ship has remained 353 days out of its base, navigated over 43,200 nautical miles (77,700 km) in 215 days of sea and supplied more than 12,000 tons of fuel, far exceeding the targets set for deployment.

NAVANTIA Ferrol: CSS Cantabria launching maneuver 'Cantabria'

Fleeting of the A-15 after a scheduled technical stop.

CSS Cantabria, tests in the sea

CSS Cantabria, supply

CSS Cantabria

Provisioning frigate, tests at sea

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