Equality is a basic principle for Navantia and is included as a business objective in its management of human resources. Since 2010, it has had an Equality Plan in evolution that is aiming at promoting the principle of equal opportunities at work, as well as developing practices aimed at promoting the reconciliation of work, personal and family life of Navantia employees.

Through the effective implementation of the Equality Plan ensures the absence of discriminatory procedures or policies on grounds of sex in terms of selection, recruitment, training, promotion and salary, reconciliation of work, personal and family life and occupational health.

The Equality Plan collects and develops a series of measures and actions aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Promote the effective application of the principle of equality of equality between women and men, guaranteeing in the workplace the same income opportunities and professional development at all levels.
  • Achieve a balanced representation of women in the field of the company.
  • Promote and improve the chances of women to positions of responsibility.
  • Ensure that the human resources policy complies with the applicable legal requirements regarding equal opportunities.
  • Prevent harassment at work and harassment based on sex, establishing a protocol for action in these cases.
  • Establish measures that favor the reconciliation of work life with the personal and family life of the workers of the company.

The Equality Plan of Navantia includes different conciliation measures related to the extension of the Breastfeeding Permit, the extension of the permit in case of multiple births, the maternity protection of pregnant and lactating women of a child under 12 years, the possibility to access reductions in working hours for the care of children under 12 years of age, surpluses for family care and support measures for female workers who are victims of gender violence.