Fitting the batteries for the S-81


Navantia has finished the process of fitting the batteries for the S-81 submarine “Isaac Peral”, which began in February. This activity means reaching the 02 security milestone, at which it is guaranteed that the on-board loading and maintenance of the submarine’s main batteries can be carried out in safe conditions.

The submarine has two battery rooms, located at the prow and stern of the vessel. A total of 360 elements were fitted, 180 at the stern and 180 at the prow. Each element weighs about 700 kilos and they are all 1.3 metres high. The tasks of fitting the elements for each battery are carried out uninterruptedly once the process begins, until both chambers are completed. They are then wedged and connected so the first on-board maintenance can be carried out. The duration of the associated tasks is critical because these tasks have to be done within seven weeks, from the final charging of the batteries on land until the first charging on board.

It is when the battery fitting and connection processes are completed that the vessel can start to supply itself independently, without any need to be connected outside.