Navantia wins the XIV Morgan Philips-ABC Prize for Human Resources Management


Premio Morgan Philips

Our Human Resources Director, Fernando Ramírez, was awarded the XIV Morgan Philips-ABC Prize for Human Resources Management in the category of companies with more than 2,500 employees. It is an honorary award that is given annually. On this occasion the Prize was for the Cultural Evolution undertaken by Navantia.

At an event held virtually this Wednesday, Fernando Ramírez explained that cultural evolution is a cross-cutting initiative forming part of Navantia’s Strategic Plan to accompany its growth and digitization targets and its new employment framework. The new leadership model, the initiative of the “ambassadors” from Navigators of Change and the portfolio of development measures for all the employees are just some of the initiatives that were mentioned.

“The project is now unstoppable”, he stressed, making reference to the total support that the initiative had already received in 2018, that support coming from the shareholders to the workforce. Cultural Evolution has not been at risk during this period, not even because of the COVID pandemic. In fact, it has evolved, gained strength and gathered momentum.

Fernando Ramírez congratulated the award finalists (Abanca, Santander & Unisono) and thanked the Human Resources team for their work, more than 200 people making up a diverse team: four generations, 50% men and 50% women, also with people from outside the company but also from other business areas, who give “another perspective” where human resources are concerned.

He likewise rated the teams preparation and activities during the COVID pandemic, and did so within a hitherto unknown context: “The team was prepared and this enabled them to find immediate solutions and to be able to anticipate the circumstances for us”.

“We are very proud to have been given recognition with this Award, which has given us optimism and the boost needed to go ahead with this Project”, stated Fernando Ramírez. “Transforming a company like Navantia in four years and involving its 4,000 employees is one of the biggest challenges that a Human Resources professional could possibly face. It is also a unique landmark for a historic 300-year old firm that, now more than ever before, is a benchmark in innovation”.

“We are halfway there and we feel very proud of the results achieved, but the cultural evolution does not end here. So, we will continue to work every day, to attain new goals and overcome extraordinary challenges, because that is what we do at Navantia”, added Fernando Ramírez.