The Government grants Navantia the carbon footprint register seal.


Plan movilidad sostenible Navantia

The Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge has given a positive response to Navantia’s request to join the Carbon Footprint, Offsetting and Carbon Dioxide Absorption Projects Record.

Navantia has established the fight against climate change as one of its main goals as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental policies. In addition the company has made Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13, known as Climate Action, a major priority.

This voluntary list records Spanish organisations’ efforts in the calculation, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activities.

The record enables the possibility of offsetting all or part of the carbon footprint by way of different forestry projects located within national territory. These projects comprise numerous environmental and social benefits, including the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, also known as carbon sequestration.

Navantia’s inclusion on the registration was complemented with a reduction plan which explains the actions to be taken in order to achieve lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is a preliminary step to certifying a reduction in the footprint, which requires evidence of a downward trend in emissions.