Navantia Repairs at Cartagena has installed 125 solar panels in order to save energy


Navantia has installed several solar panels on roof of its Repairs branch building in Cartagena, which aims at saving energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The solar farm is made up of a total of 125 400-watt panels. In population terms, the energy generated by this farm is already equivalent to about 25 four-member households.

The facility has been in operation since early 2020 and up to 17 March, for instance, it had already generated 7,754.62 kilowatts of power, almost double the consumption of the Repairs Department building. The complex generates enough energy to supply its office, as well as other areas over the shipyards. The surplus energy is distributed among other consumers who rely on the same Transformation Centre. Therefore, the power generated by the solar panels benefits not only the office building, but also the Repairs Workshop and other ships in the dock.

The investment made summed €38,000, but estimates contend that purely on a consumption-savings basis, it will have been recovered in less than 5 years. Including costs related to consumption (taxes), this period is likely to be less than four years.

Given the positive results shown by this solar farm, there are already plans to expand the network within Repairs branch by installing another farm at the shipyard.