Navantia reduces and offsets its carbon footprint


Javier Cordero and David Benítez, head of CSR and General Services at Navantia respectively, received the Iberia Award at Fitur Fair.

Navantia is working towards reducing its carbon footprint and offsets the emissions generated by its business trips and events. These are two initiatives included in Navantia’s CSR actions aimed to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Objective 13 “Climate Action.”

Navantia has been awarded by Iberia at Fitur International Fair for successfully equalizing the carbon footprint produced by its air travel.

The airline runs this initiative whereby companies which have corporate agreements with Iberia will be able to counterweight their carbon emissions by signing up to a reforestation project located in Peru, certified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). An independent auditor certifies the absorption or non-emission of CO2 on behalf of the project. A carbon credit is then granted, in this case the VCS, for each tonne of CO2 absorbed or not emitted.

The companies involved receive an official certificate indicating the tonnes of CO2 which have been offset. They should acquire the same number of carbon credits as tonnes of CO2 that they wish to offset (1 credit = 1 t CO2).

Navantia offsets one tonne of CO2 for the Verne 2020 event

Navantia has also received the certificate for having offset the emissions generated by the event held on 27 and 28 November to mark the launch of the Verne Programme as part of the Navantia 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The ceremony was Navantia’s first carbon-neutral event.

It generated a total of almost one tonne of CO2, which has been offset by two projects: The Genesis forest At Picos de Europa mountains and the wind power project in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu in India.

As part of Navantia’s CSR commitments, the company aims to make all of its main corporate events carbon neutral, delivering a clear message that Navantia is making out of caring for the environment a major priority.