Navantia, a healthy company


On Wednesday, November 21, the President, Susana de Sarriá, and HR Director, Fernando Ramírez, signed up to the Spanish Association Against Cancer’s (AECC) “Tu salud es lo Primero” (Your health comes first) programme as part of their healthy company model. The programme consists of sending all company employees important preventative and protective health information on a monthly basis.

A healthy company is one which, alongside its occupational risk prevention obligations, voluntarily makes systematic efforts to maximise the health and productivity of its employees. This is nothing new for Navantia, given all its Prevention and Environmental areas have been working to improve health, well-being, safety, environment, corporate image, motivation, working climate and well as reducing the incidence of accidents and illnesses for many years.

Navantia will use the Healthy Company Model which sees Management encourage the business to be healthy and hold its own healthcare model. This also involves Navantia aligning itself with the Luxembourg Declaration, by way of an initial situation study using data from prevention and environmental reports, HV and MD manuals, psychosocial risk assessments, corporate social responsibility…

A multidisciplinary team will be set up to run this programme, comprising Prevention (Ergonomics and Psycho-sociology), Environment (working environment), Purchasing (contract clauses), Personnel, Health Care. This team will arrange the programme and campaigns that are already in place and devise new ones as part of an objectives plan.

This plan will be structured into four areas: physical environment (disabled mobility, road safety, space conditioning, healthy vending, working environment…), mental environment (mindfulness, happiness, relaxation, communication routes, anti-addiction…), health resources (health monitoring, health promotion, primary care prevention, Health Service campaigns…) and community contribution (remote working, work-life balance, standardisation of the use of new technologies…).

This plan will be presented to Management including an order of actions and objectives, while quarterly performance analyses will be carried out. Work will also be undertaken to obtain the Healthy Business Excellence System certificate.

Being part of the European Network For Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) involves recognising the company’s efforts in improving the health and well-being of its staff, as well as promoting a healthy culture and exchange of business experiences.

Beyond legal compliance with occupational risk prevention, being a healthy company means an comprehensive and integrated approach to managing employee health, as well as taking health into account across all company policies.