Inspira STEAM and Sum@ take ‘Navantia Puerto Real’ to secondary school students


Second-year students at the IES Drago secondary school in the capital of Cadiz were welcomed to the Navantia Puerto Real facilities by the managers of different departments at the Bay of Cadiz Shipyard, in their role as mentors as part of the Inspira STEAM project, in collaboration with Navantia’s Sum@ project. These students already took part in the initiative last year. Its aim is to promote careers in STEAM professions, mainly among young girls.

Inspira STEAM is a pioneering project that seeks to promote scientific and technological careers among girls through awareness raising and guidance imparted by women professionals in the world of research, science and technology. This is the first time the group mentoring technique has been used in a project to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) among secondary school students.

Navantia’s Sum@ project also helps ensure the company is somewhere all staff can develop and grow, eliminating gender barriers. Navantia’s management is committed to supporting gender diversity and engages everyone who is part of the business in striving for this goal.

Health and safety

The health and safety of all employees is Navantia’s utmost priority in carrying out its operations. The company strives for its zero-accident goal by identifying and evaluating health and safety risks, establishing appropriate preventive measures to avoid damage and verifying their effectiveness. For this purpose, there is a comprehensive and integrated Occupational Risk Prevention system in place which allows indicators to be monitored and compared with sector averages.

Prevention is part of all Navantia’s management processes; it is a key element of all activities performed at the company, irrespective of anyone’s job role within it.

All employees receive the information and training required to perform the functions of their job and their involvement is actively sought in implementing the company’s prevention policy correctly.

Navantia organises Occupational Risk Prevention days every year, coinciding with the World Day for Health and Safety at Work.

Luxembourg Declaration

Navantia aligns itself with the Luxembourg Declaration, a consensus document drawn up by the European Network For Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP). It establishes basic operational principles and a reference framework for the proper management of employee health at the company.

Resolute response to COVID

In light of the pandemic, Navantia has implemented efficient management to ensure the health of its employees, as well as to support societal needs through initiatives such as 3D printing of anti-coronavirus protection materials.

“Navantia, Healthy Organisation” project

Alongside meeting its obligations in occupational risk prevention, Navantia makes voluntary and systematic efforts to maximise the health and productivity of its employees through projects such as the “healthy organisation” initiative which involves the entire workforce.