Floating Offshrore Wind


Navantia will take part in the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) event in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, on 15 and 16 September. This is a key location for the offshore sector, with a long tradition of Oil & Gas and is very close to the area of greatest expansion and activity of offshore wind in Europe, where two of the projects built by Navantia for this sector are in operation: Hywind Scotland (Equinor) and Kinkardine (Cobra).

The event will focus on floating projects and several developers and engineering companies involved in different developments will be represented, many of which are still experimental and to which Navantia contributes experience as a builder.

During this international event, 56 on-site conferences will be held, which can also be followed online and which are the main focus of FOW, and it will be possible to visit the stands of 30 exhibitors. The expectation aroused by this event is of such magnitude that the 500 people attending the event due to COVID restrictions have already been covered.