Evolving the business model

The 4.0 technologies allows Navantia to develop a catalogue of digital products and services, including new, more flexible business models, able to adapt to current and future customer needs.

  • Improvement of the usage of the existing products and creation of new services, through the exploitation of the products´ real data, both in the manufacturing process and in its operational life, which will not only makes possible to re-feed the design criteria, but to develop tailored services (real-time decision, prescription of anticipated actions and logistic support throughout the products life cycle).
  • Visibility and adaptability of the product in use, based on the real-time monitoring, which allows a dynamic adaptation of the functionalities and features during its operation, according to mission or operating conditions changes, incorporating remotely or autonomously modifiable software.
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint through solutions aiming to reduce waste, emissions and consumption of resources.
  • Simplification of production processes through additive manufacturing, with no limitation regarding geometry, composition or properties and phasing out manufacturing / assembly stages.