Objective-Focussed Partnerships


Helping revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.


Joining Dual Training Model (FP Dual).

Joining Global Compact.

Signing up for CEOs for diversity.

Signing the Luxembourg Declaration.

Joining the Biodiversity Foundation and Forética (in line with the Executive Plan)/p>


Navantia works closely with all its stakeholders on an ongoing basis in order to create alliances that strengthen a commitment to shared objectives.

More than 6 alliances were signed in 2019:

Dual training, which aims to help apprentices learn more about the sector, improve their professional qualifications and facilitate their entry into the labour market.

United Nations Global Compact, committing to ethical management based on the 10 Global Compact Principles.

CEOs for Diversity, which seeks commitment from the executives of Spain’s biggest corporations in promoting inclusion and diversity strategies.

Luxembourg Declaration, through which we have pledged to incorporate the basic principles of promoting health in the workplace.

Companies for Biodiversity, which represents a commitment to working on a sustainable business model that respects the natural world.

Navantia also partnered with Forética in order to promote the incorporation of social and environmental aspects and proper governance in its strategy and management, as well as participating in the Public Companies Sustainability and CSR Action Group.


+ €137,000 in social contributions across various initiatives reflecting a commitment to society and cultural heritage.

6 alliances signed in 2019