Navantia drives prosperity, economic growth and employment. In the geographical areas of Spain where our shipyards are located, we provide an average of 80% of the sector’s employment. In 2019 we employed more than 3,800 staff and created more than 8,000 direct jobs in auxiliary industries, as well as over 25,000 indirect and induced jobs, generating approximately 1.4% of Spain’s GDP.

Digital transformation and efficiency

Navantia is engaged in a comprehensive transformation process driven by the Strategic Plan which is geared towards ensuring the company’s viability in the twenty-first century market. This process spans all areas of the company, drives procurement and highlights technological innovation and digitisation as central drivers for change.

The key to the transformation lies not only in implementing innovative solutions, but also in transforming both the company’s processes and its people. Navantia is invested in a more agile, culturally advanced organisation with a participatory management style focused on internal and external talent, fundamental elements to success.

We’re also improving our sector’s technological capacity, fostering economic development in all areas where we are based through digitisation, innovation and technology to benefit people and the environment.

The Shipyard 4.0 project was launched as part of Navantia’s commitment to the future, the purpose of which is to enhance processes and tools, integrating them into the new digital ecosystem. This conversion to “Smart Factories” is undertaken across four action areas and involves the entire company.

Smart Ship

Incorporating systems and equipment that permit self-guidance of the ship and automatic mitigation of possible malfunctions.

Smart Shipyard

Creation of a cyber-physical space which builds physical ships and their “Digital Twins”.

Digital Infrastructure

Development of different technologies and platforms to connect machines, staff and the workshop with program management and company management.

Processes 4.0

Innovation in shipyard production and life cycle processes, as well as corporate elements.

People & Knowledge 4.0

Fostering a new digital culture with more horizontal management and increasingly collaborative and connected work.

With the Shipyard 4.0 project, Navantia is modernising its work centres to integrate them into the new Digital Ecosystem.