Tactical Simulator, SIMTAC

The Tactical Simulator for the submarines of the Series 80 is a system that has as objective to train in the resolution of the tactical problems that can appear during the navigation with the submarine as much to students and endowments, as to the commanders of the ships.

For this, it reproduces the crunch and starboard part of the S80 Submarine Command Chamber, including the attack periscope, the tactical screen and the 7 multi-function consoles. In addition, the simulator includes, next to the Command Chamber, an area that will act as the torpedo chamber that will contain the local direction of weapons launch and control of the tubes.

The simulator has a position next to the Command Chamber for a member of the guard to carry out the tasks of governing the submarine. It also has a position for two instructors to control and supervise the training, with the ability to record the development of the exercise. To complement the training experience, the simulator has an analysis room, with capacity for 24 people, in which the exercise carried out can be reproduced.


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SVAP - Port Surveillance and Security System.


SERT - Surveillance, Exploration, Reconnaissance, Targeting System