A new generation
of maintenance service

Navantia provides solutions that respond to the customers’ need for operational excellence and cost reduction, without forgetting to fulfill the premises of survival, reliability, redundancy, modularity, flexibility and standardization.

In addition to the services of corrective and preventive maintenance, remote technical assistance, modernization of systems and structures and technological refreshment already offered, Navantia, as a company at the forefront of technological development, makes available to its customers a suite of intelligent, connected products, that improves the operation of ships through the automation of processes and the interconnection between systems.

From the data analysis, intelligent asset management is able to:

  • Perform monitoring and integrated remote control of equipment and systems of different nature that make up the ship.
  • Monitor the health of the equipment and systems of the ship (platform, combat, navigation, weapons …).
  • Offer energy efficiency solutions (optimization of fuel consumption).
  • Reduce emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Predict the behavior of equipment and systems.
  • Manage the necessary support actions (resources, displacements of the same…).
  • Provide training to the crew and simulation (operation of equipment, navigation of the ship and coordination between units and people).

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Vessel equipment health monitoring and prediction system

NUSHIP Canberra

SPS Cantabria docks at Fleet Base East

Ship formation

NAVANTIS damage management

NAVANTIS console

NAVANTIS general room

Juan Carlos I

KNM Fridtjof Nansen navegando hacia el fiordo de Oslo



AWD Australia

Cantabria y Méndez Núñez en el Índico

NUSHIP Adelaide