Optimize Operational Life

The objective of the Through Life Support services is to maximize the operational life of the vessels. To do this, Navantia designs its vessels taking into account its complete life cycle and the rigorous application of systems engineering that ensure compliance with operational requirements and support throughout the service phase of ships.

The new concept of Industry 4.0 is fully integrated into Navantia’s support services strategy. The application of key technologies, such as IoT, Cloud Computing, AI, Digital Twin, modeling and simulation, VR and AR, Big Data or Data Analitycs, makes it possible to offer digital Through Life Support services, including engineering areas, production, supply chain and maintenance from the pre-conceptual and design phase to the cessation of ships.

Navantia offers solutions to support the life cycle in all its range of surface vessels, submarines, equipment and systems.

Throughout the cycle, a ship generates a large amount of information, which can be collected and monitored. These data, together with telemetric condition monitoring and platform control systems, are used to increase the efficiency of asset management and maintenance services, adapting to the individual and unique needs of each client.

Life Cycle Support

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Vessel equipment health monitoring and prediction system

NUSHIP Canberra

SPS Cantabria docks at Fleet Base East

Ship formation

NAVANTIS damage management

NAVANTIS console

NAVANTIS general room

Juan Carlos I

KNM Fridtjof Nansen navegando hacia el fiordo de Oslo



AWD Australia

Cantabria y Méndez Núñez en el Índico

NUSHIP Adelaide