What is a patrol vessel

All countries wish to control their jurisdictional waters in order to defend their territory against daily-changing threats, such as international terrorism, illegal weapons proliferation,  drug dealing and human trafficking. Maritime traffic control, whether by inspecting ships or defending them against piracy, is a key activity for the economic activity of any country.

In addition, many navies of the world also have under their responsibility the carry out of campaigns of oceanic research, protection of the underwater historical heritage and defense of the fishery resources.

So, these ships must face very different missions, both in waters close to the national territory, and in international missions; such as the Atalanta operation in the Horn of Africa or the Sofia operation in Mediterranean waters.

Due to this variety of missions to be carried out by patrol vessels, its design should guarantee long periods at sea with optimal operating conditions and reduced operation and life cycle cost; these vessels must be prepared to operate in marine pollution fight or human search and rescue missions.

Navantia has built 4 MAV units for the Spanish Navy (with two more under construction), 4 SOP (Surveillance Oceanic Patrol vessel) units and 3 CSV (Coastline Surveillance Vessel) units for the Venezuelan Navy.


Construction and launching of the MAV (Marine Action Vessel)

Sea trials of the "Furor"

Sea Trials of the Maritime Action Vessel "Furor" in Ferrol

NAVANTIA San Fernando: Time-lapse P-45 "Audaz" construction

Construction process of the future Maritime Action Ship 'Audaz' built by Navantia for the Spanish Navy in San Fernando, Cádiz

NAVANTIA Ferrol: Time-Lapse assembly of PR01A block (MAV 'Furor')

Assembly of the bow block corresponding to the future Maritime Action Vessel built by Navantia in Ferrol for the Spanish Navy

Sea trials of the MAV "Rayo"

The Maritime Action Vessel (MAV) has a moderate size, a reduced endowment and a high level of habitability and permanence at sea, with great versatility in terms of the missions to be carried out, a high level of commonality with other vessels and a reduced cost.

Sea trials

Sea trials of the Maritime Action Vessel P-43 'Relámpago".