Navantia manufactures steam turbines and equipment for ships such as reduction gears, rudders, axle lines, torpedo tubes, etc. both for the civil and military market.

The Turbinas de Navatia factory installed the first propulsion plant on a ship in 1912 and since then it has worked independently or with collaboration agreements with world-class technologists such as General Electric, Mitsubishi Hitachi PS, Siemens, Schelde Gears, etc.

Its product catalog includes:

  • Equipment such as reduction gears, shaft lines, rudders, encapsulation of gas turbines, etc.
  • Steam turbines licensed by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in a power range of approximately 2 to 15 MW for cogeneration, biomass and other industrial applications
  • Components and / or steam turbines in any power range with different technologists
  • Support to the Life Cycle that contemplates the repair and / or maintenance, technical assistance, optimization of equipment, spare parts, etc.

Navantia has participated in the manufacture and commissioning of the steam turbines of the main power generation plants in Spain, such as nuclear and thermal power plants, cogeneration and biomass plants, as well as other industrial applications.

In addition, Navantia has supplied gearboxes, rudders, axle lines and other mechanical equipment to various types of construction for different countries such as:

  • Frigates F-100 for Spanish Navy and F-310 for Norway
  • Spanish Strategic Projection Ship
  • Maritime Action vessels for the Spanish Navy
  • AWD destroyers for Australia
  • Submarines S80 for Spain
  • Combat Supply Vessels for Spain (BAC) and for Australia (Spanish Navy)
  • Combat Supply Vessels for Spain (BAC) and Australia (AAOR)


Propulsion and Generation

Carving reducing gears

Propeller engine - POV Venezuela

Drive engine - AOR Australia

BAM Engine

Machined pinion gear reducer