Navantia manufactures mainly high and medium speed four-stroke diesel engines since 1947, present in all markets for all types of applications, naval and land. Its product catalog includes:

  • Naval application propulsion equipment for all types of ships.
  • Terrestrial propulsion equipment for military vehicles.
  • Groups generating naval applications, for all types of vessels.
  • Groups generating terrestrial application, for all types of installations.
  • After sales service (technical assistance, maintenance, spare parts).
  • Training courses for clients in the operation and maintenance of equipment.

The Motores de Navantia factory has the most modern facilities (induction furnaces, CNC machines, more than 5000 square meters of assembly, test benches up to 10,000 kW …) and works with licenses and technological cooperation agreements with the main companies of the sector, such as MAN Diesel Turbo, MTU Friedrischafen and Caterpillar.

For the Spanish Army, Navantia has carried out the remotorization of the M-60 and AMX-30 battle tanks. He has also supplied propulsion equipment for the Leopardo combat car and the Pizarro cavalry vehicle.

In addition, the engine factory has supplied propulsion equipment for various ships built by Navantia and for various countries such as:

  • Spanish F-100 frigates and Norwegian F-310.
  • Chilean Scorpene Submarines and Spanish S-80s.
  • Strategic projection vessels for the navies of Spain, Australia and Turkey.
  • Supply vessels for Spain (BAC) and Australia (AAOR).
  • Maritime Action vessels for the Spanish Navy.
  • Patrollers type POV and BVL for Venezuela.
  • AWD destroyers for Australia.


Propulsion and generation

Carving reducing gears

Propeller engine - POV Venezuela

Drive engine - AOR Australia

BAM Engine

Machined pinion gear reducer