What is a supply vessel?

Some of the main limitations of any military vessel is to stay longer on the high seas or reach more distant destinations, the solution is the need to stock up on everything necessary (fuel, food, people, ammunition, etc.) in order to continue its mission.

This type of vessel covers this need, as it can supply up to three ships at the same time; fuel, water, food, ammunition and other materials on the high seas. In addition, its hospital on board, its capacity to transport containers and the large volume of its tanks, among other benefits, allows this ship to carry out missions of humanitarian and health assistance to civilians in circumstances of catastrophe and environmental defense.

Navantia has built the  CSS Cantabria vessel for the Spanish Navy and and two very similar units for Australia: Stalwart and Supply. This design integrates military and civil concepts and complies with current international environmental regulations regarding the provision of double hull.

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