What is a frigate

The frigates are vessels designed to achieve the strategic objectives of the National Defence of any nation in the 21st century. There are its antisurface, antisubmarine and especially antiaircraft capabilities which make this vessel the essential platform to guarantee the defense and control of all areas under the sovereignty of a country.

Additionally, they are an indispensable tool in a Nation’s Foreign Policy, acting both in conflict operations and in peace and humanitarian missions, as well as in the performance of UN resolutions.

Its high capacities and the flexibility to operate both in coastal areas and on the high seas allow it to act as command and control vessel in operations with allied fleets, providing the required coverage.

Navantia is a world reference in the design and construction of frigates, having built the F-100 for the Spanish Navy, as well as different ships for the Norwegian Navy or the Australian Navy. Navantia is currently developing the F-110 frigate program for the Spanish Navy.