International reference

After the construction of Juan Carlos I vessel for the Spanish Navy, operational since 2010, the ship has had great international impact. Numerous armies have seen the enormous capacity of the ship and have been interested in it. The investment effort made by all Spaniards allowed, in addition to improving the security and defense of the country, to create a leading industry, with a design, systems and technologies in the state of art highly valued.

In this way, Navantia began exporting this product internationally, giving a great economic return to the country. Turkey has acquired the design to build this ship in its own shipyards of the Sedef Shipbuilding group. Years before, in 2007, Australia had ordered two ships; in both countries, the presence, collaboration and agreements with local companies for the development phase and further on life cycle has been very relevant.

In addition to the advantages of the sale, the participation of Spanish companies supplying both equipment and systems, as well as their construction in Spanish territory generated a large amount of employment and the boost of the Spain brand.

In this way, an initial investment of just under 500 million euros has produced additional contracts for other Navantia businesses and for the national industry of up to more than 1,290 million, generating, between direct and indirect, more than 3,300 jobs per year during the last decade.



LHD "Juan Carlos I"

LHD "Juan Carlos I" (L61), Ship Insignia of the Spanish Navy.

ALHD for the Australian Navy

27,000 tons in 90 seconds; time lapse of the ALHD 'Adelaide' construction for the Royal Australian Navy.

Launching ALHD Adelaide

Launching of the ALHD 'Adelaide' for the Royal Australian Navy in Navantia-Ferrol.

Sequence of the loading maneuver of the ALHD "Canberra" (RAN)

Complete loading maneuver of the LHD "Canberra" (Royal Australian Navy) on the heavy cargo ship "Blue Marlin" for its transport from Spain to Australia.

NAVANTIA San Fernando. 2/2 Tests of sea launch LLC for Australian Navy

Spectacular aerial views of the the last boat sea trials built at San Fernando Shipyard for the Royal Australian Navy. Boats destined to operate in the ALHD "Canberra" and "Adelaide".