Strategic partners

Navantia offers technologically complex and highly competitive solutions to its customers, for which it maintains agreements with strategic partners, with the auxiliary industry of the areas where Navantia operates, with equipment and services suppliers and other entities involved in the sector.

In such a competitive market, Navantia relies on the collaboration and integration of all the value chain agents in their management systems (quality, prevention, etc.), with the aim of achieving the required capabilities to meet its clients’  needs. This is always accomplished with the highest quality to fulfill the acquired commitments.

Additionally, synergies with national companies, SEPI group companies and other international partners are fostered. Partners and suppliers are part of the team, and this joint work allows Navantia to continuously evolve.

The Employer’s Portal contains more information about the contracting system and the required mechanisms to guarantee a transparent and fair value chain.

Navantia, for its technological development within the Shipyard 4.0 initiative, relies on collaborative agreements with Spanish and international leading universities and technology centers, with a clear commitment to innovation and the improvement and digitization of its products, processes and facilities.

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