Health & Safety


To guarantee a safe working environment at all our facilities, and the physical and emotional wellbeing of our workers, thereby reducing accident rates

Navantia believes that the Health and Safety of all its workers is the main criterion that must be taken into account when carrying out their activities, furthermore, considering such as strategically important. Safety risks are identified and assessed, and the appropriate safety measures are established so that accidents do not occur, and the effectiveness of these measures are checked so that our target of ZERO ACCIDENTS can be met.

Accident prevention is integrated in all Navantia’s management processes. It is a practice that is intrinsic to all the activities the company performs, regardless of the workplace where they are performed.

Our employees are provided the necessary information and training to carry out their work, and we strive to engage them to appropriately take the company’s accident prevention policy on board.

Each year, Navantia organises the Workplace Accident Prevention Day, coinciding with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Luxembourg Declaration

Navantia adheres to the Luxembourg Declaration, a consensus document prepared by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP), in which the basic principles and reference framework for good workplace health management are established.

In response to the pandemic, Navantia implemented efficient management to guarantee the health of our workers and to support society’s needs through initiatives such as 3D printing of coronavirus protection equipment.

Committed response to COVID
“Navantia - A Healthy Company” Project

In addition to our obligations regarding the prevention of workplace accidents, Navantia also makes systematic voluntary efforts to maximise the health of its employees and their productivity, through projects such as the healthy company project that involves the entire workforce.


We adhere to the
Luxembourg Declaration

Navantia COVID
response chart

3D coronavirus protective
material manufacturing


Healthy company project

“Printers bringing smiles
to children” (El País)


Talent & employment


To boost professional development and internal mobility through creating new capacities, fostering a 360 feedback culture, and defining roles, responsibilities and career plans.

To promote an increase in the percentage of qualified persons who join the company.

To foster dual training for operators.

Navantia believes that having the very best talent on its workforce and providing them with the necessary tools to grow with the company is a fundamental part of our human resources management strategy.

To achieve this, we have procedures to bring in and secure the loyalty of talent, to provide professional training and development, to encourage an environment of equal opportunities, employment quality and stability, among others.

Likewise, Navantia actively takes part at job fairs to offer its vacancies to newly qualified young people. We organise events and days to boost employment, such as “Empower Your Future” or the “Itinere” days to increase the number of women and newly qualified young people that the company hires.

Navantia promotes technical and scientific vocation among women.

Webinar de Navantia “Mujeres STEAM”

Profesionales STEAM de Navantia

Navantia strives to ensure that our employees develop the abilities and skills that they need to face up to new challenges. Consequently, we conduct professional development, training and knowledge transfer projects in order to promote the growth of our employees.

Each year Navantia launches a technical and transversal skills Training Plan, investing over €5M total cost for over 150,000 hours of training.

Navantia promotes internal mobility among its workers as a chance to grow and develop within the company. The objective of this is to ensure our workers are motivated and willing to take on new challenges, progressing further in their fields of expertise and taking new challenges on board with a broader outlook on the company.

Navantia implements a competitive leadership model that promotes a number of behaviours aimed at preparing the company’s leaders to successfully tackle current and future changes.

Navantia actively works to keep the people in the company engaged and to make them our best ambassadors. To do this, they are involved in different initiatives such as breakfast with the Management, mentoring and reverse mentoring programmes, events for new employees, the Navigators of Change.

Navantia is also committed to training young people to improve their employability and to provide them with the necessary skills to work in this sector. Navantia has signed over 30 agreements for university students to do their internships with us, dual training and on the job training, among others, and in the last five years over 1000 students have carried out their internships at Navantia Furthermore, we aim to inform vocational training, secondary school and university students about how interesting STEAM learning is and the job opportunities it brings with it.


At Navantia we believe that people are the centre of our activity. We are strategic for security and prosperity, and we look after people at all levels (workforce, auxiliary industry, collaborators and in the societies where we carry out our activities in general).

Equality & diversity


A higher percentage of women on our workforce, protection of equal opportunities and conditions and compatibility with family life.

A younger workforce, by increasing new hires of people aged <30.

Navantia understands diversity as an asset to create value, which fosters innovation and personal and professional development among our employees, as key factors to achieve the company’s objectives and its success.

Consequently, we not only consider diversity in terms of gender, but also cultural, generational, ideological, sexual orientation, abilities and skills diversity, and any other personal, physical or social condition.

An example of this commitment is Navantia’s diversity and gender equality strategy, through which a number of objectives have been set:

To favour diversity as a source of talent.

To foster an open, non-discriminatory culture that is organisationally flexible.

To eliminate barriers that impede the professional development of women.

To recognise and exploit talent to the maximum.

To contribute to awareness on this issue in society through dissemination of our best practices and participation in relevant forums.

II Equality plan

This comprises a new boost for Navantia to ensure fulfilment of the organisation's values and ethical principles of equality and diversity governing its labour relations.

Through this new Equality Plan Navantia undertakes to increase the number of women in managerial posts within the organisation, to correct any gender imbalances in the workforce among the different professional groups, and to eliminate the pay gap between women and men.

In order to achieve this, promoting equality and diversity in all human resources policies is included with the aim of providing all our employees with the tools to develop their talent and secure their loyalty.

This plan encompasses all levels within the organisation, and establishes different measures and specific objectives in several scopes of action:

Culture, communication and corporate image.

Equal pay.


Professional training and development.

Compatibility with family life and flexibility.

Prevention of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.

Among other measures, attention is brought to the changes to working hours and time-for-time work, and the shifts system in addition to the maternity/paternity protection measures.

Workplace bullying

Navantia implements protocols to prevent and act in any cases of workplace bullying or sexual harassment, which were signed by the Management and the Employees’ Representatives by mutual agreement.

These protocols cover two fundamental aspects: prevention of harassment and bullying, and the response by the company in the event of any cases being reported, and in regard to this, two types of actions have been established:

Measures to increase awareness, prevention and to avoid situations of harassment or bullying.

An internal procedure to take action in the event of the above measures failing and an employee reporting the situation or filing an internal complaint.

Navantia has provided all the recipients of its Corporate Code of Conduct with a Whistleblowing Channel which any person who becomes aware of a breach during their work activities can use to report it.