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NAVANTIA SYSTEMS: SVAP - Port Surveillance and Security System.


SERT- Surveillance, Exploration, Reconnaissance, Targeting System

Surveillance, Exploration, Reconnaissance, Targeting System, SERT

SERT is a family of multi-purpose systems that equip the vehicle that installs it with ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition) capabilities. The flexibility of these systems allows them to adapt to any type of vehicle and mission, such as:

  • Mission of exploration, surveillance and reconnaissance of the battlefield with acquisition capacity (Detection, Identification and Localization) of objectives
  • Observation mission and management of mortar, artillery and aerial fires
  • Intelligence mission, by obtaining, classifying and processing battlefield images
  • Border control mission

Among its main characteristics, are:

  • Integrable with existing customer systems without compromising mission requirements
  • Operating capacity in low or no visibility conditions (visible and infrared).
  • Accuracy in the own positioning and of the objects of interest in the battlefield with location on cartographic substratum.
  • Integration of the different sub-systems with each other and with the Battlefield Management System, which allows full integration with the Unit and the
  • Command and Control Post.

Currently, different versions are available (Advanced Observer Artillery, Cavalry Exploration, Intelligence, Border Surveillance) that can be integrated on any platform (chains, wheels, …).