Navantia, honoured at the 5th Connected Industry 4.0 National Awards


Navantia has been awarded at the Connected Industry 4.0 National Awards in the large industrial company category, for the work carried out in the Smart Services Programme of its Digital Transformation Plan, thanks to the development of digital and innovative services to support the life cycle of its products.

With the main aim of recognise the efforts and the merit of Spanish industrial companies in the digitalisation field, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism -through its General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs- created the Connected Industry 4.0 National Awards in 2019, endorsing the prestige of the Spanish industrial sector and contributing to support the “Marca España” (Spain Brand).

The Connected Industry 4.0 National Awards recognise those organisations, companies and industries which have made an outstanding effort in their digital transformation. These awards pursue to increase the awareness of the Spanish industrial fabric about the necessary digital transformation and to promote the visibility of the support instruments within this process.

For Navantia, this recognition means a boost towards the full implementation of its Digital Transformation Plan.

Navantia, in words of its Director of Technology and Digital Transformation, Donato Martínez, “has been working on this plan for four years, a plan which covers all the company’s products and services, as well as all the internal processes and tools”.

Navantia’s Digital Transformation Plan is made up of six lines of action, structured around three axes:

  • The differentiation axis, with the design and development of “smart products and services”.
  • The efficiency axis, through the digitisation of the company’s operational and corporate processes.
  • The enabling axis, providing technological support for the deployment of initiatives and equipping staff with the skills to make the most of the technologies and to guide them in the cultural change required to make the transformation happen.

Within the Intelligent Services programme, predictive maintenance projects have been developed with hybrid models (physical and artificial intelligence), intelligent maintenance management, fleet availability, remote assistance and digital training using virtual and mixed reality. All these services are integrated into our digital maintenance twin.

We would like to congratulate all the teams working to make the Smart Services Programme a reality. This award undoubtedly recognises their efforts and dedication to making Navantia a competitive and differentiated company.