Underwater Life


Preserve and make viable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources to ensure sustainable development.


Initiatives to clean up beaches, rivers and pipes.

Partnerships with foundations to collaborate in protecting and regenerate marine life.

Applying our own technology to protect underwater life.


Navantia’s business activity is intrinsically linked to water. On the one hand, all our operations are related to an aquatic environment, making the link unbreakable. On the other, and as a direct result of the former, the company strives to care for this resource and everything surrounding from it.

In 2020, we signed the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles, pledging to help protect it.

Navantia helps to preserve and make viable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources to ensure sustainable development. We support clean energy and specialise in offshore wind power across our product and services catalogue. We build supports for offshore wind farms and marine electrical substations. These structures, which are installed offshore, receive energy from wind turbines and transform it, before sending back to land for consumption, avoiding the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We also continue to innovate in floating offshore wind farms, with our projects positioning the company as a benchmark for construction in and both intermediate and deep waters.

In partnership with several national universities, we are also involved in various projects related to environmental technologies that seek to reduce the spread of marine pollutants and pathogens through aquaculture-ports-ballast water using mild advanced oxidation processes.

In 2020, Navantia signed the Principles for a Sustainable Ocean promoted by the United Nations Global Compact and actively participated in the activities organised by the Spanish Global Compact Network to mark Ocean Week in May 2020.


Signatories of The United Nations Global Compact Principles for a Sustainable Ocean.