Responsible Consumption and Production


Sustainable consumption and production, promoting efficient use of resources and affordable, non-polluting energy, all while adopting environmentally friendly infrastructure and committing to the circular economy concept.


Launch a comprehensive circular economy project.

Reduce water consumption using integrated cycle management.

Encourage sustainability reporting in partner companies.

Zero waste strategy using prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse initiatives.


Navantia is always striving to improve its processes and operations to make them more efficient, responsible and ensure a lesser environmental impact. Reducing emissions, making more rational use of resources and developing a growth strategy focused around the circular economy are just some examples.

Since 2016, Navantia has succeeded in improving its Waste Recovery Index by almost 30 points.

The most notable achievement in terms of responsible consumption has been waste management. As part of our commitment to caring for and protecting the planet, the company goes far beyond proper management, establishing circular economy criteria within its policies with the aim of reversing the traditional model in favour of a new paradigm which places prevention (reducing waste generation) and recovery (reuse, recycling or energy recovery) at its very heart. Materials that until recently were considered unusable waste have therefore become raw materials for other processes, leading to an extended life cycle and minimising the company’s environmental impact.

As for other consumption, Navantia has reduced its total water usage by around 15% since 2016 and has opted to use renewable energy at 3 of its 5 geographical centres: Ferrol Estuary, Cartagena Shipyard and Cadiz Bay.


Waste recovery rate: 65.55 (2019) – the company has improved its recovery rate by almost 10 points on 2018.

Water consumption (2019): 620,461 m3.

A reduction of about 15% in total water consumption since 2016.

Electricity consumption (2019): 109,903 MWh.

Electrical energy consumed at 3 of Navantia’s 5 geographical centres in Spain comes from renewable sources.