Gender Equality


Equal treatment and access to work opportunities, empowering women and implementing inclusive practices, including sexual and gender diversity, in order to support the vulnerable.


30% of women in management positions (A or B) by 2025.

20% of women in the workforce by 2022.

Implement the Equality Plan signed with the Intercentre Committee.

Zero pay gap. Commitment to certify pay gap by 2020.

Adapt design criteria to promote gender equality.


Navantia believes equality in treatment and opportunities are crucial in providing stable, high-quality employment with the possibility for professional development. In this respect, the company devised its first Equality Plan ten years ago to ensure there is no gender discrimination within the organisation.

In the age bracket of employees under 29 years of age, women make up some 36% of the staff.

In December 2019, as a result of the progress achieved in this field, Navantia signed its second Equality Plan, valid for four years, which represents a further impetus in the development of the values and ethical principles of equality and diversity which govern conduct in employment relations.

Navantia’s central action areas focus on culture, communication and corporate image, pay equality and the fight against the pay gap, professional selection, training and development, work-life balance and flexibility and the prevention of workplace harassment. The Plan sets out different measures and specific objectives in each area and is a reflection of the company’s commitment to reducing the pay gap and increasing the representation of women on the workforce.


14.8% of women on the workforce in 2020 (up from 13% in 2019)

Enhanced female recruitment: in the under-29 age bracket, women make up 30.5% of the workforce. From 30 to 39 years the figure is 25.7% of the total in 2020.

25% of the Board are women (3 of 12) and the Management Committee is 36% female (4 of 11 in total) in 2020.