Environmental Action


A commitment to mitigating our contribution to climate change by reducing carbon emissions from our operations.


Reduce our carbon footprint by 10% by 2022 (GHG tonnes of CO2 equivalent).

Launch R & D+I projects aimed at reducing product GHG emissions.

Fuel saving services.

Include LNG and hybrid propulsion in the services catalogue.

SMART line and optimisation of electric consumption on ships.

Strengthen the renewable energies business line.

Environmental training and awareness for all staff at Navantia.


Navantia has put specific protocols and procedures in place to control the emission of chemical contaminants into the atmosphere. These include both the identification of the emitting sources and the readings to be taken so preventive or corrective measures may be implemented if necessary in order to help mitigate the environmental impact of operations.

Navantia reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 73% in 2019, compared to 2018 figures.

Emission reduction and offset is one of the central pillars of the CSR Plan. In 2019, the company was recognised by Iberia for having neutralised the carbon footprint produced by its air travel, through a reforestation project located in Peru certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Work is also being carried out to ensure corporate events are carbon neutral. In November 2019, the ceremony held to launch the 2018-2022 Verne Programme Strategic Plan became the company’s first carbon-neutral event.

Navantia is continuously rolling out training schemes on environmental issues in order to strengthen awareness among its own workforce and across auxiliary companies working on its premises. In 2019, hundreds of training initiatives were organised at different geographical centres, totalling more than 2,500 attendees. Environmental emergency drills are also carried out across work centres on a yearly basis.


13,838,87 tons of CO2 emitted (2020).

73% reduction in emissions on 2018 figures.

+150 environmental training initiatives implemented at different geographical centres.