SVAP Surveillance System

The SVAP system provides surveillance, environmental protection and maritime traffic control for critical infrastructures on land and at sea, such as ports and offshore platforms.

SVAP is a modular system that can be shaped and sized according to the customer’s needs. Different modules can be included, such as the Vessel Traffic Control module (VTS), environmental surveillance  module, security module, or the unmanned vehicle module (UxV).

These modules provide:

  • Detection and monitoring of:
    • Security threats.
    • Toxic spills and clouds.
    • Maritime traffic.
  • Recognition, identification and tracking of:
    • Ships and people (both surface and underwater).
    • Pollution (locating the source and predicting the spread).
  • Deterrence and reaction against:
    • Threats coming from the sea.
    • Toxic leaks, dumping and clouds.
    • Breaches of navigational rules.
  • Recording and documentation.

The SVAP system uses Electro-Optical, Radar and Sonar sensors, together with, amongst others, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Radio Direction Finding (RDF), Electronic Warfare Systems and Meteorological Stations.


SVAP Surveillance System


SVAP Port Surveillance and Security System