Surveillance, Exploration, Reconnaissance, Targeting SERT System

The SERT system is a family of fully integrated multi-purpose sub-systems that equip the vehicle that installs it with ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition) capabilities. The sub-systems include:

  • Battlefield surveillance and target location system.
  • Defence (self-protection) system.
  • Navigation and night driving aiding system.
  • Battlefield Management System (BMS).

The flexibility of these sub-systems allows them to adapt to any type of vehicle and mission, such as:

  • Mission of exploration, surveillance and reconnaissance of the battlefield with target acquisition capacity (Detection, Identification and Localization) using Electro-Optical and Radar sensors.
  • Observation mission and management of mortar, artillery and aerial firepower.
  • Intelligence mission, by obtaining, classifying and processing battlefield images.
  • Border surveillance and control mission.

Among its main characteristics, are:

  • Integratable with existing customer systems without compromising mission requirements.
  • Operating capacity in low or no visibility conditions (visible and infrared).
  • Accuracy in the own positioning and of the targets of interest in the battlefield with cartographic location.
  • Integration of the different sub-systems with each other and with the Battlefield Management System, which allows full integration within the Unit, with other Units and with the Command and Control Post.
  • Integratable in any existing or new land (wheeled or tracked) or marine vehicles (river or coastal).


Currently, the following different SERT versions are available:

  • Artillery Advanced Observer.
  • Cavalry Exploration.
  • Intelligence or Scout.
  • Border Surveillance.


Forefront of Technology


SERT- Surveillance, Exploration, Reconnaissance, Targeting System


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SVAP - Port Surveillance and Security System.