NAVANTIS, Training System

NAVANTIS (NAVANtia Training Integrated System) is the training system for the boats designed by Navantia.

This state-of-the-art system optimizes and goes one step further in the integrated training of the full complement. Through the use of NAVANTIS, the entire crew can go directly on board from the Training Center and navigate safely.

Training with NAVANTIS takes place in two stages: an initial one based on e-learning for operation and maintenance and a second one for operational training based on practical exercises on platform simulators. The simulation models are developed according to the data generated during the design of the ship, its construction and the tests. The state-of-the-art graphics engines achieve a highly realistic visualization of the natural environment.

The Learning Classroom

The NAVANTIS Learning Room makes extensive use of hardware virtualization through the concept “Crystal Console”. The familiarization of the operator with the real elements of the ship’s hardware is achieved through the use of highly realistic virtual tactile interactive elements based on the real ones. Since the operator interface is software-based, the hardware of a single NAVANTIS training classroom, can easily be reconfigured by changing the software to faithfully represent different vessels. Immersion in the natural environment is achieved through Videowalls and Virtual Reality glasses.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • Modular: Applicable to any type of vessel.
  • Configurable: The same hardware can be used to simulate different boats.
  • Fidelity: Recreates with high precision the physical interfaces of any specific vessel.
  • Multidisciplinary: Integrates the training for local and remote operation (SICP) of the platform, navigation system, communications system, combat system and more.
  • Inter-connectable: Several NAVANTIS learning rooms sharing the same scenarios in a coordinated way. Third-party simulators are also welcome.

NAVANTIS is structured in 4 levels of training within a single product:

  • LEVEL 1 – Platform: NAVANTIS teaches the crew how to operate the equipment and platform systems of the ship, combining remote operation from the Integrated Platform Control System (SICP), with local operation from dedicated control panels
  • LEVEL 2 – Platform + Navigation: NAVANTIS has the capacity to train the machine operators with the bridge operators within the same learning session, in a coordinated and collaborative way
  • LEVEL 3 – Ship-Ship: NAVANTIS allows to carry out joint operations between several ships manned by students, such as amphibious operations and RAS operations between two or more vessels
  • LEVEL 4 – Tactical: Other systems of training of the own ship like communications and arms can be incorporated, as well as of other external systems like airships or command and control centers in earth that coordinate the deployment of units and the complete mission. The DIS and HLA standards are supported.

NAVANTIS in operation

Move inside the boat

Remote control

Combat system

Navigation Bridge


Vanguard in Technology

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