Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)

The IPMS of Navantia is a set of hardware and software elements that allow the automation, control and supervision of all the equipment that is installed on the ship with the exception of the combat system.

Navantia’s IPMS is unique in that it provides the operator with three different yet integrated views of the data: in 3D using the ship’s 3D model, in 2D schematics, and in the Data View. The powerful 3D view and interface with the ship’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network assists operator ship familiarization and exploits the different damage control functions, including damage plots, calculation of optimum routes and personnel location. Navantia’s IPMS pioneered the use of alarm viewers, dynamic kill cards, check lists associated with pre-defined machinery configurations and stability and strength calculations to assist the operator with damage control.

The IPMS also provides other functions to assist the operator including 360° panoramic views of all the ships compartments, message handling service, playback mode, sailing mode, data logging, report generation and a configurable Documentarium with all the information associated with equipment operation and maintenance.

Navantia’s IPMS is the backbone of a modern Ship Information System and is integrated with Condition Based Maintenance tools. It also provides data via satellite link back to shore-based teams to assist diagnostics and plan future maintenance periods.

Manufactured with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components, it includes among its basic functions the automation, the control and / or remote supervision of the ship’s propulsion and steering, electrical generation and distribution, auxiliary systems and damage control.

The implementation of Navantia’s IPMS uses COMPLEX / SIMPLEX, a framework developed by Navantia for new ship builds or modernizations. Currently, the IPMS is installed in the following different types of ship: aircraft carriers, landing helicopter docks, landing platform docks, combat support ships, submarines, frigates, corvettes, minehunters, patrol vessels, survey vessels, sail training ships, cruise liners, ro-ro ships, fishing vessels and ferries.


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