Combat System CATIZ

Built on hardware, middleware and software in continuous evolution, it provides an open and distributed architecture that offers the user the abilities of compilation of the tactical scene, assignment of sensors and weapons, coordination of the force, planning of the mission, support to the integrated decision and training.

In addition to being a proven system in new construction programs, the flexibility of its design allows to manage the complexity of integrating it into existing systems during mid-life upgrades, providing the client with new sensors and a new combat management system.

The CATIZ functional capabilities adapt to the requirements of the platform covering both the tasks of a warship (anti-air war, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, asymmetric warfare, mine warfare and air control ) as peacetime operations (search and rescue, anti-piracy missions, territorial waters control, maritime security).

CATIZ has been successfully integrated with a large number of sensors and weapons, including guided weapons, artillery, surveillance radars, electronic warfare sensors, sonar, tactical data links and countermeasure systems. Its complexity and flexibility allow to satisfy the requirements of any client with modules tested and ready to work.


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SVAP - Port Surveillance and Security System.


SERT- Land Exploration and Recognition System.