Naval Artillery

Navantia has more than 250 years of experience in manufacturing, overhaul and maintenance of a wide range of weapons. For the last 40 years, Navantia is working under license and industrial agreements with the main companies in the sector, such as BAE Systems, Bofors (now BAE Systems), Oto Melara (now Leonardo) and Rheinmetall Air Defence.


Navantia manufactures the weapons systems that are installed on ships built by Navantia, which has resulted in the production of a large number of units in recent years.

Navantia has also current agreements for the co-manufacturing of other weapons including small caliber remote weapon stations, for installation in naval platforms and land vehicles, guaranteeing the supply to any client, national or foreign. Additionally, Navantia collaborates with its technological partners through the manufacture of elements destined to the production of units by the original supplier to other clients.


Overhaul is a process that allows to convert a used product, with a reduced useful life, into an  assembly that:

  • Can be considered as a new product with a complete useful life
  • Is updated with the latest existing configuration
  • Fulfils all product specifications, guaranteed by factory and firing range tests
  • Is considerably cheaper than a new manufactured assembly

Navantia has completed several overhaul programs, for example the BAE Systems MK45, Oto Melara 76/62C and Bofors 40L70 guns for various clients, in Spain and other countries.


The excellent training and extensive experience of our personnel allows Navantia to carry out the necessary maintenance work to ensure the proper work of the weapons throughout their useful life, according to the needs of each client:

  • Annual reviews of each assembly
  • Resolution of problems detected during the revisions
  • Preventive maintenance work
  • Resolution of incidental failure through assistance with maintenance parts

Technical assistance

The extensive experience of the personnel of Navantia allows providing shipyards with effective assistance in the following tasks.

  • Definition of installation and testing processes
  • Installation on board
  • Static and dynamic alignment of weapons and sensors
  • Setting to work and Harbor Acceptance Trials
  • Assistance during the integration of the combat system
  • Integration testing
  • Sea Acceptance Trials
  • Anchoring, structural and precision shots


Overhaul processes and on-board work provide an excellent environment to develop on-job-training activities aimed at training for the operation and maintenance of on-board systems.


Forefront of Technology


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SVAP - Port Surveillance and Security System.


SERT- Sistema de Exploración y Reconocimiento Terrestre.