Navantia has a set of software tools for Engineering and Through Life Support Management:

  • The EOLO-IACV for LCS Engineering, is designed for military logistics and integrated with the rest of the Navantia Engineering tools that allows the development of the Integrated Logistic Support deliverables in a homogeneous manner.
  • The EOLO TLSS for LCS Management, helps the crew and the base personnel in the execution of the necessary support activities, guaranteeing the ship availability. It allows to know the installed elements with their associated documentation and to be able to plan the maintenance tasks, taking into account the spare parts, materials and necessary tools.
  • The ARGOS 21  for Intelligent Maintenance, is an integrated suite of intelligent products for the operation and support of Navantia vessels throughout their life cycle, integrated into an open architecture that facilitates the incorporation of third-party solutions. It helps to make reasoned decisions based on usage data, making possible to optimize reliability and availability by detecting anomalies before they become a major failure, and also the deferral of ship maintenance tasks whenever possible.
  • The NAVANTIS  for Training, it is a family of simulators for the training in the operation of equipment and systems on board.

Life Cycle Support

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Vessel equipment health monitoring and prediction system

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