Taking into account the close relationship of dependence between the different areas supporting the activity of the vessel in its service stage (supply chain management, execution of maintenance, LCS engineering support and training / simulation), the Navantia through life support management model is based on a integrated management of these areas of activity.

This model is based on an asset management model based on program costs, risks and benefits.

The management of the LCS encompasses the following activities:

  • Coordination, control and monitoring of the development of LCS activity.
  • Establishment of Key Perfomance Parameters (KPI’s), analysis of performance evaluation, program risk assessment.
  • Contract administrative and financial control and monitoring.
  • Management of agreements and contracts with subcontractors, suppliers and relevant parties.
  • Planning of the margins of action of the different areas of activity:
    • Engineering support management plan
    • Maintenance management plan
    • Supply chain management plan
    • Training management plan

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