Avante family

Navantia has developed a complete family of ships with different sizes and adapted to different missions, sharing design standard and philosophy, so each product can benefit from what they have learned with previous patrol vessels. In addition, this mindset enhances the capability of adapting the desired design to the specific requirements of each client.

Considering four very different types of missions (research, support, patrol and combat) as well as a wide range of displacements from 300 t. to 3,000 t., the AVANTE family covers the entire spectrum of patrol vessels, either as missile launches, hydrographic vessels, coast guard vessels, high-altitude patrol boats or combat prepared patrol vessels.

The diverse platforms offer is complemented with multiple design solutions which can be added depending on the specific missions and client requirements. Thus, they can be configured with flight platforms for aerial media operations, hangar, hybrid propulsion plants, auxiliary vessels (RHIBS), capability to operate multi-mission modules containers, etc. In addition, the ship reamains prepared to incorporate future equipment to increase its capabilities with no need of major reforms (philosophy “prepared to, but without”).

Finally, regarding the combat, weapons and sensors system, Navantia has experience both in incorporating in-house systems (remaining platform and system design under a single provider responsibility) and in integrating other suppliers systems into the system.


Construction and launching of the MAV (Marine Action Vessel)

Sea trials of the "Furor"

Sea Trials of the Maritime Action Vessel "Furor" in Ferrol

NAVANTIA San Fernando: Time-lapse construction P-45 'Audacious'

Construction process of the future Maritime Action Ship 'Audaz' built by Navantia for the Spanish Navy in San Fernando, Cádiz

NAVANTIA Ferrol: Time-Lapse assembly of PR01A block (MAV 'Furor')

Assembly of the bow block corresponding to the future Maritime Action Vessel built by Navantia in Ferrol for the Spanish Navy

Sea trials of the MAV "Rayo"

The Maritime Action Vessel (MAV) has a moderate size, a reduced endowment and a high level of habitability and permanence at sea, with great versatility in terms of the missions to be carried out, a high level of commonality with other vessels and a reduced cost.

Sea trials

Sea trials of the Maritime Action Vessel P-43 'Relámpago".